• Do the people in your organization suffer from extreme busyness and lack of accountability?
  • Are you seeking a practical sustainable solution to what stifles innovation and limits organizational growth?
  • Would a leadership model that teaches you how to create conditions for effective collaborations and cross functional teaming  be valuable to you?
If your answer is “YES” then consider joining us for RSI@Work™


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Positive People Are More Productive And Much More Fun to Be Around!

“I gotta say – this stuff REALLY works!! I have been in a leadership role for approximately 17 years at my current employer. Throughout this time I have taken many different leadership courses and have gotten some great ideas but they generally end up on the shelf, in a notebook or folder, forgotten once I return back to the overwhelming demands of my daily work life (always with the best intentions of reviewing them and figuring out how to put them into action).

Your courses have been completely different. In the year and a half or so that I have been taking your classes, the tools you provided me with have not ended up in a box ‘in the garage’ but are out in the open on my desktop ready to be used….and used them I have. The results have been exciting, positive and in some cases, measurable. What makes these courses different is the steps beyond providing the strategies and theories with the time spent practicing them, first with provided scenario’s but also with the ability to practice using a real situation that you are dealing with. The ‘action’ part of your workshops allowed me to take it with me and immediately put it into use without the need to ‘remember what I learned’.”

 – Dana, Healthcare Professional

Thursday and Friday – January 22 & 23, 2015

January 22: 9AM-5:30PM
January 23: 9AM-5:00PM

 Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
2800 Coliseum Center Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

This one time investment is only $649.00


Learn to leverage Relationship Systems Intelligence and tackle some of the common ailments that plague work environments:

  • Ineffective or toxic communication
  • Low team morale or burnout
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
  • Lack of creativity and productivity
  • Confusion about roles on a team 

In order to maintain the integrity of the course material and so that each participant has the most effective learning experience the class size is limited.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and bring a colleague, co-worker or friend. 

RSI@Work – Thursday and Friday, Jan. 22 and 23

  Join your class mates for lunch in a privately reserved section at the Clock Tower Restaurant located at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel.

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